I have been recently reading a book which advocates that we take software engineering as a craft rather than a profession and as such the software engineer should go through the three stages of craftsmanship, which are apprentice, journeyman and finally master. The apprentice is supposed to learn the craft from the journeyman and occusionaly from the master but mostly from the journeyman as they will be assisting them in their day to day tasks. The journeyman are supposed to learn from the master. l believe this is what has been laking in software engineering in zimbabwe young students are just thrown into the deepend and they get to learn things on the fly and as a result we are producing sub-standard software. It sad just how many bugs slip through the software testing phase if there is any to begin with. l still think more can be done to improve the quality of software and software engineers in Zimbabwe so l am going to dedicate my next post to how l think the three stages of craftsman should be structured.


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